House Rewire by Electrician for Dublin Kildare

House Rewiring is an electricians job I love doing.

For homes with several computers, consider getting high speed data network cabling and points installed during the rewire. Wi-fi wireless networks are great but they are no match for the raw speed of a gigabit CAT6 wired network (almost 20 times faster!), especially in this age of massive high definition movies you might be trying to stream to your TV.

It’s also a good idea to have a think as to where you want your sockets etc. I always think it’s better to be looking at them rather than looking for them – if you have sockets behind lockers or hidden behind tables and furniture you might think of putting in some general use ones that you can get at easily.

As for the mess issue, I have rewired hundreds of houses and the only way to avoid mess is clean as you go. I arrive a week before the job starts and see if there are any breakables to be put away. When done right it’s very neat and tidy. Don’t forget to call me if you need a quote – it’s free!


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